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Post  El Cholo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:46 am

Kevin: Hello all of you fans out here tonight and the millions watching at home this is Kevin bringing you to tonights show and also my friend

Peter: And i am here tonight to help kevin brodcast here tonight and you may know me as Peter your annoucer for tonights show and matches and we are ready to see what will happen here tonight

The Fans start cheering for the excitement and can't wait too see what will happen in the ring and backstage some friends start yelling and others start clapping loudly

Kevin: As you may know Peter that this is our last show till next month so this is going to be a great show and i hope you fans like it and ifyou don't then you may have a problem

Peter: You are right about this being our last show till next month and that this is going to be a great match but i just got a annoucement that our Gm Naruedyoh will be in the ring shorlty to annouce something big wait here he comes right now

Naruedyoh music begins to play and Naruedyoh is making his way to the ring holding a microphone in one hand a contract in the other hand and climbs the steel steps and makes his way to the ring and begins to talk

Kevin: I wonder what that contract is for

Peter: It looks like that your days here arenumbered Kevin he must have heard you talking about his match for the couple of last weeks

Naruedyoh: I am holding here a contract that states that i can make anyone in this Fed get fired and guess who's name is in it it's Anthony name cause of what he tried to do to Spickyo last Satuday and i can tell you fans that i know you are dissapointed about what he did but it was wrong of him and he had to pay the consiquenses so as of right now he's been fired and can't return to this Fed till next month if he wants too but since he's not here asof immediatly the Twins Of Terror is done with and that is it and i thank you for your time here tonight and i hope you have a good time tonight

Kevin: I was scared there for a minute i thought that may have been for me

Peter: Will it's a good thing it wasn't for me niether so lets start this show

Naruedyoh makes his way out of the ring and to his office where he intends to start tonights show and thousands of fireworks lit to begin tonights show

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