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Post  spickyo on Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:53 pm

Misa: Ladies and Gents presenting Spickyo

Spickyo:Hey misa ur looking good today

Misa:Thanks your nt too bad your self. The match between you and Anthony how do you feel about him leaving?

Spickyo:When am in the ring I dont care about my opponnet. I care about the pin fall and the Submission.

Misa:Since Ant left FWG who are you targeting next?

Spickyo: Well ever since jonny Nirto join FWG hes been challenging me in non fed match ups. And guess what? He allways loses.

Misa: Also i have been hearing about your new show Spick That

Spickyo: Yeah thats right am my guest is right here.

Spickyo leaves flexing his muscles

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