mickie james debut to wfg

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mickie james debut to wfg Empty mickie james debut to wfg

Post  mickie on Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:23 am

imppossible brutility plays as mickie makes her way to the ring
mickie grabs a mic: helloo wfg im the one and only mickieeeeeeeeeee jamesssssssssss
it so nice to be here and im happy to call wfg my home

mickie: but any way this wednesday i have a match and the person soon im going too face i have big history with and u now who im talking about the no good rotten lugia. luigia i took something from u and made a statement and im the one who shut legacy of pains mouths
but wat i took from you that day was good i made history.

The Fans start shouting out mickie

mickie: i was the first girl to ever win gold, i was the first girl to lead a 5 man stable of all boys to the top, i was the apart of the first mix tag team to win gold, and i was the first diva to hold 2 championships at once. lugia me and u have unfinish buiness and this saterday i will kick ur head of and knock u out cold laying on the mat and i will beat u once again.

impossiple brutiliaty re-hits as mickie leaves the ring.

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mickie james debut to wfg Empty nice rp

Post  El Cholo on Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:36 am

Thisis a nice rp but we have already confirm the show i am sorry about that but we will put this rp when the season starts again and u will have a rematch with him it could be one fall or tagteam match wutever u decide

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