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Make a stable here! Empty Make a stable here!

Post  stephen on Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:28 am

New stables WFG stables post here ( WFG ONLY)

Post your stable below so that they can be "known" by everyone, also allow recruitment for "WFG" stables if you don't spam ( mainly because im not the guy who has to clean up the mess Twisted Evil )

Finally...DONT COPYRIGHT STABLE NAMES!! names like DX, evolution, hart foundation Sad, NWO, even BWO ( that was my stable idea but it would be "balanced world order" a stable for balanced Very Happy) are all not allowed...similar names are allowed but not too similar Suspect

So be original Razz and you could be the 2nd best stable in WFG (Mine being number one of course Cool ) Rolling Eyes

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